Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Playing catch-up A-C

A is for.........Apple.
(Malus x domestica Rosaceae). Apples are the most widely grown tree fruit in Britain because they are hardy and there is a large choice of varieties. Different types can be harvested from August to November.
Apples are classified as either dessert or culinary. Dessert means can be eaten without cooking and culinary need cooked!!

B is for......."Beheading Stone" and boys!
This Beheading stone can be found in Stirling in Central Scotland. This gruesome reminder of capital punishment can be reached via "The Back Walk" which follows Stirlings Old Town Walls and a short detour from the path up to Gowan Hill brings you to The Beheading Stone. This is where it is thought that many a famous figure in Scotland's harsher past ended their days!! James I took his revenge for 18 years of misuse of power by The Duke of Albany and his family, when in 1425, Murdoch The Duke of Albany, two of his sons and his Father-in-law, The Earl of Lennox were executed.
(James I, lived from 10th Dec 1394 to 21st Feb 1437 and was King of Scotland from 4th April 1406 till his death in 1437).

[The boys belong to me, they are (L to R) Ronan aged 10 and Robert aged 7!!]

C is for........ Cactus.
(Cactaceae) Any of the 2000 species of succulent plants found particularly in hot desert regions of the Western Hemishere. A cactus has long roots, which are adapted to absorb moisture from desert terrains. Stems are usually spiny, cylindrical and branched. Cactus flowers are usually borne singly in a wide range of colours. The cactus ranges in height from 2.5cm (1") to more than 15m (50ft).

Good & creative catch up! Your boys are adorable!
very creative to teach kids
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